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First there was Do_Me_Eomer, and Do_Me_Boromir and Do_Me_Legolas. Now here is Do_me_Maedhros">, dedicated to the slashiest of all Feanorians.

This is a haven for Maedhros-groupies, Maitimo-sluts and Nelyo-whores everywhere. If you are a ho for this tall, handsome, red-haired Noldorian of few hands but many names, then you're in the right place. Here's the place to share fic, recs, art and erotic fantasies. Or just to drool at his feet, if that's what you wish.

It's not JUST about the Maedhros/Fingon pairing (though they are very cute together), other pairings are welcome too. If you're specifically interested in the Mae/Fin pairing, you may also want to check out thangorodrim.

This community may contain adult material but I'm not gonna check your age. If you join, just please don't complain about it, mmk?

Large images, long fics and adult material behind a <lj-cut> please.

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